Get fit with your colleagues

Come to the gym before, during or after work. Our professional fitness coaches will help you get started and provide you with a tailor-made training routine. Can’t decide if you want to exercise by yourself or in a group? Just try both!

A good start

You don’t have to exercise for hours the first time you come. Half an hour is a good start. You and you colleagues could even decide to exercise during your lunch break.


Our coaches are happy to help, with a training programme that suits your needs and fitness level. To get you started, we provide training cards that tell you exactly which exercises you need to do to work on your strength and fitness. If you have any questions, just ask one of the coaches. They will assist you and give you advice about exercising, diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Needless to say, all our locations are equipped with spacious changing rooms and showers.  Very convenient if you want to exercise during your lunch break or after hours. 

Any questions?

Use the contact button in the top menu to find our telephone number or simply visit the gym!